Commercial Pressure Gauge, Compound Gauges

What is a Pressure Gauge?

Pressure gauges are common measuring instruments and are widely used in various fields. It can visually display the pressure changes in each process step, insight into the conditions in the product or media process, form a safety trend during the monitoring of production operations, and build a fast and reliable safety guarantee through automatic interlocking or sensing devices to prevent accidents. Safeguarding personal and property safety has played an important role.

Pressure Gauge Specifications

From the perspective of the installation structure, there are lower mount and center back mount types. The lower mount type is a basic installation type, and generally select lower mount type when the installation structure type is not specified. What is called center back mount type pressure gauge is the pressure gauge with a side (flange) that we often say.

Types of Pressure Gauge

There are many types of pressure gauges, according to different installation and demands, divided into general pointer type, digital type, contact type, shockproof type and diaphragm type.

  1. General Pressure/Oil Pressure Gauge
    General pointer type pressure gauge, which simply displays the pressure and does not have the function of transmitting signal and adjustment function, it is the most widely used specification.
  2. Digital Switch Pressure Gauge
    The digital switch pressure gauge has setting and control functions, it can set parameters and upper/lower limit controls by itself. It is the preferred instrument for precision measurement control.
  3. Magnetic Pressure Gauge
    Compared with the general pressure gauge, magnetic pressure gauge has one more pointer can stay at the maximum value, which can record the maximum value in the range for easy observation.
  4. Diaphragm Pressure Gauge
    Diaphragm pressure gauges are suitable for measuring the medium with acidity or alkaline, high viscosity, easy crystallization, and easy solidification. It is necessary to avoid the medium into the pressure gauge and prevent sedimentation and easy cleaning.
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